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After the fashion world is plunged this year on the skin-tight Cycling pants , the pants 2019 to more width on legs trend: the new silhouettes are big and bulky!

Outfits with wide bottoms factories be styled casually at the beginning is good news for anyone who’s relaxed but stylish like so: A belt can be bound at the waist, the hems are either open or are transshipped. The combination with a band T-shirt à la Gigi Hadid is also allowed.

Feminine and casual: 

No matter whether Marlene – or Palazzo pants, flared pants, 7/8 trousers orculotteXXL: Size pants are clearly the biggest pants trend 2019. But also in the wide-cut models, there are subtle differences and different styles. These variants have the highest potential of trend:

1st floor-length pants

The bottoms in extra long range from the waist to the floor and provide for style and obviously also fun.

Warning: A full-length leg should really go to the ground and be not too short! You should match your shoes or the heels of your shoes exactly to the length. And of course note the weather conditions. When it rains, I’d rather let a floor-length pants in the closet…

2. pants with Ruffles

Usually ruffles and flounces gracing blouses rather, next year we find them also on the pants. Two years ago, skirts to pants hems were a micro trend, 2019 will be the feminine style of the whole garment spread. And probably also in our wardrobes.

3. XXL-denim

Solid denim suitable as well as soft and flowing materials for baggy pants. The fringed hem missed the look the necessary portion of street style. In the spring you can combine delicate blouses and lightweight shirts to the XXL jeans, fit in the autumn but also soft knit sweaters as a contrast to the solid material. The pants is the perfect companion for all seasons

4.Monochrome looks

Tone in tone outfits are also on the list of fashion trends 2019. To pants, which the top part in their colorfulness, nobody comes around next year, I promise!

And the monochrome look how cool please when is the pants off a shiny material? The contrast makes matchy matte tank top the outfit to highlight a real fashion -, matchy!

5. it comes: gloss effects

Shiny materials and for fashion daring are metallic? By due! Next year we dazzle with our pants to the bet!

6. Cord & Velvet

To use the cord we enjoy just so, that indispensable is the material – just like velvet – in the next year. Of course also baggy pants be tailor, so it will be double cool!

Girlish variants in pink let our hearts beat faster. 

7 Culottes get a makeover

Also Culottes remain still said, but get a Makeover: 2019, we see the swinging trousers with creases. Elegant!

The world of wide pants is 2019 as varied as the models themselves. There is something for every taste: eye-catching materials, patterns for courageous and classics such as stripes and checks. Which pants will you wear the most? Or are you much more on the good old Skinny Jeans and do nothing at all from this trend? Tell me your opinion in the comments!

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