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Ankle boots

Ankle boots are visually and functionally a mixture of normal shoes and boots. In contrast to high boots but almost always have an elastic slip and side zipper, which facilitates the entry.

Classification of the category Ankle boots

Booty are boots whose upper only goes up to just above the ankle. They are also referred to as Ancle Boots in the English-speaking world.

Models for men and women

Ankle boots are a popular topic in women’s fashion. But also in the field of men’s fashion, there are, especially in the winter season, numerous models of ankle boots. This is mainly because the bootie offers the advantages of the boot, but not its disadvantages.

For example, you can wear a long-shaft boot badly under a suit. An ankle boot, on the other hand, can easily be worn under suit trousers without having to undress the trousers.

to form

Ankle boots are one of the top themes in the fashion world in autumn and winter. That’s why they come in many designs and variations. So can the top of the bootie

be as well

  • checkered or too
  • pointed.

And even at heel everything is allowed what pleases, whether it is a small block heel or daring high penny heels.

quality features

When buying ankle boots, it’s worth taking a closer look. Because in the shoe trade numerous models are offered, which are available at a relatively low price, but are poorly processed. The main reason is that ankle boots are just incredibly popular.

So if you want to enjoy your boots for a long time, you should be careful to buy a model in which the cover leather is sewn to the shoe sole. Because with glued variants, the sole can come off the cover leather, especially in wet weather.

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