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Ankle boots for women

Ankle boots are one special boot shape and are also commercially available under the name short boots guided. Thus, the difference to the classic half or long boots already well described: Ankle boots have a shorter shaft than boots and do not have a long boot tube. However, the length of the shaft can also vary in ankle boots and can be ankle-high, over ankle-high or designed to the middle of the calf, with the ankle-high shaft length is most commonly found.

Buy ankle boots – which ankle boot for which occasion?

The short boot is both as a sports shoe, such as for hiking or horse riding, but also as a pure leisure or everyday shoe very popular, is offered in all popular sizes and can be found in various designs as a winter and summer shoe. Also in the sale at the end of the season can often find great models that can be worn in the transitional period between the seasons. Ankle boots are equally versatile for women and men alike and are also available for children and toddlers. For example, you will get ankle boots with studs, heel or heel.

Both in women's shoe and men's shoe segment You can find different types of boots, which can be worn for a variety of occasions and depending on the model can also be combined into more formal outfits.

Leading suppliers include the following brands and manufacturers:

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