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Ankle Sandals

What are Ankle Sandals?

Definition: Ankle sandal (Ankle sandal) is synonymous with Sandals and shaft Pumps, This type of shoe is open on the toes, very often but also on the heel. Characteristic of Ankle Sandals is the reaching to the ankle shaft. Ankle sandals are available in a variety of heel heights and materials.

The Guide to Ankle Sandals

Why can you combine Ankle Sandals?

Ankle sandals are popular as an all-rounder in the summer: They look great on short skirts as well as on short trousers as well as 3/4 or 7/8 trousers. If properly selected, women’s sandals can visually lengthen a woman’s legs. It is recommended for this purpose especially dark and filigree models.

Tip: Put colored contrasts with painted toenails! Incidentally, perfect pedicure is a must if you want to wear shoes with an open toe.

Can you put Ankle Sandals in the office?

The right occasion for Ankle Sandals is the summer party. In some offices, toe-free shoes are not welcome. If you choose a more elegant model in a dark color and with narrow, not too high heels, sandals in combination with the right clothes can still pass through the office dress even with strict dress code. This type of shoe can also be suitable for strolling through the city, if you either choose a model with a not too high heel or have already got used to running with high heels.

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