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Anoraks are warm and mostly windproof and weatherproof jackets for adults and children, which also have a hood. The classic anorak has no zipper, but is pulled over the head to put on.

Classification of the category Anoraks

Most likely, the anorak can be described as a weatherproof jacket with a hood. In western Greenland lives a tribe of the Inuit, the Kalaallit, in whose language there is the word “annuraaq”. This is translated as “something against wind”, the root word “anuri” is used there for “wind”. So it seems quite plausible that the term “anorak” goes back to this origin.

Features of the anorak

The typical thing about anorak is its slip form – It is not opened with a continuous zipper at the front, but pulled over the head, whereby the cut-out can be regulated by push buttons, Velcro straps or zipper.


The first anoraks were made by the Inuit of sealskin, fortunately in our modern times, the jackets were made from synthetic materials. Particularly important here is the breathability of the outer fabric, which also has a water-repellent effect.

An anorak is designed to protect against cold winds, so it is also provided with lining material and filling material. Down feathers have proved to be the perfect filling, as they form air cushions between them, which defy even extremely wintry temperatures. Unfortunately, the use of this high quality material is quite costly and natural soils have the disadvantage of being difficult to dry.

As an alternative to this, artificial soaps and so-called holofilm fibers are used, which also protect against cold but dry much faster. The term “Anorak” is now commonly used for weatherproof jackets in a similar design, but with a full-length zipper.

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