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Arm Jewelery

If a wristwatch is not enough, you can easily make fashionable or very casual arm jewelery. Whether leather bracelet, bangle or bracelet – the offer is huge.

Classification of the category arm jewelery

Bracelets are available in different variants, these include above all

While bangles are usually worn predominantly by women, bracelets – in the form of leather or metal bracelets – and watches also appeal to the male sex.


Wristbands are usually made up of several movable links that string together to form a chain. This can be closed with a closure and can often be adjusted to different lengths, depending on the circumference of the forearm. In addition, there are also the said Lederarmbnder, which usually consist of brown or black leather.

Bangles, however, are made of a continuous material and therefore not movable. They can be different in width and for example

  • plastic
  • Wood
  • Silver or
  • gold

be prepared.


Another form of arm jewelry is watches. These not only fulfill the purpose of displaying the time, but are now a popular accessory that should look beautiful. Accordingly, they are also available in all conceivable model types, be it

  • silver
  • gold
  • studded with gems or
  • with a leather strap.

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