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Athletics shoes for ladies

To one athletic discipline To perform under optimal conditions, above all, the right shoes for the respective sport. In athletics there are, depending on the discipline, some special features that the athlete has to consider; not every sports or sneaker can be heresupport the desired results, Sometimes only milliseconds are missing, but with the right shoes you can make up for your time and yours Optimize competition, Often it is the shoe that leads the athlete to victory – so it should be given great importance and take the time to choose the right sports shoe among many.

Speed ​​is required

All athletics disciplines have in common that they have fast, abrupt sports high power development describe. Whether it is about it now

It is all united, that a fast and mostly sudden effect on the body of the athlete and thus also on his feet. For the shoe, this means he has one good grip must, but without blocking the ankle, otherwise the athlete can not be fast enough. Accordingly, all athletic shoes are low and close below the ankle. The Ankle is free,

In athletics, depending on the discipline also abrupt stops or a firm push off the ground are important, the shoe also needs a very good grip, Also when running or sprinting, it is advantageous if the athlete can "claw" firmly into the ground and does not slip. That is why special athletic shoes have spikes (thorns) under the soles, usually in the area of ​​the front bale, in order to be optimal repel from the ground to be able to. When stopped abruptly, the spikes stick in the ground and prevent the athlete from slipping or falling.

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