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Barefoot shoes for ladies

Do barefoot shoes always have to be worn barefoot? This is a typical question related to barefoot shoes. The answer is simple and simple: no. For barefoot shoes are barefoot just to empathize and In addition, they contribute to the health of your feet, Barefoot shoes are not just for jogging, running and hiking. With barefoot shoes you can also comfortably master your everyday life and experience a special wearing comfort. Barefoot shoes women, barefoot shoes men and barefoot shoes Children are not only available in specialized shops but also in various online shops and on sale. Learn about the specifics of barefoot shoes, different types of barefoot shoes, and how to wear barefoot shoes in winter in the following review. The barefoot test also explains what you should consider when switching from normal shoes to barefoot shoes.

What makes barefoot shoes so special?

Contrary to the misconception that barefoot shoes have to be worn barefoot, the barefoot shoes should only support the barefoot shoes Understand barefoot walking, But what happens when walking with barefoot shoes compared to conventional shoes? Where are the differences? With normal shoes, e.g. Sandals and low shoes, is first encountered with the heel. When walking barefoot or walking with barefoot shoes, the ball of the foot first appears. In this running technique, the forces acting on the foot are significantly lower. This is only possible due to the lack of or the very small blowing up of barefoot shoes. In other words, there is virtually no difference in height between the front foot part and the heel, which makes it possible to first encounter the ball of the foot. Furthermore, barefoot shoes do not have an insole but have one very flexible and thin outsole, Despite the very thin sole, this protects the foot from dirt, moisture and sharp or pointed objects. The front section of the barefoot shoes is very generously cut on all models and thus provides the toes with sufficient freedom to move.
Another advantage is that barefoot shoes very easy are. With a maximum weight of 350 grams, they contribute greatly to the feeling of walking barefoot. Because of these special characteristics of barefoot shoes, they are often used in sports, especially in running.
To sum up, barefoot shoes help to do that Increase step frequencyto shorten the stride length, strengthen the foot muscles as well as to improve the balance ability and the blood circulation in the foot.

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