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What could be nicer than to cuddle up after showering or bathing in a fluffy soft bathrobe. Bathrobes are available for adults or children, in different colors and looks, from fluffy terry or elegant satin.

Classification of the category bathrobes

Is there anything better than to slip into a fluffy bathrobe after a restful bath? The bathrobe warms and dries at the same time. He gives his carrier a pleasant feeling. That is why bathrobes are part of the basic inventory of every household.

Popular models and cuts

In addition to models for men and women, there are a variety of Kinderbademnteln that often attract attention by colorful colors or cute motifs. Bathrobes can have different cuts: often they are

but some bathrobes also follow the model “Mini” and

  • reach only to the middle of the thigh.

The bathrobe is almost always

  • provided with a drawstring,

which serves to lock the bathrobe around the body. Rarely is the bathrobe equipped with buttons or even zips.

Often owns the bathrobe

which is mainly used after washing your hair. The fabric from which bathrobes are made is usually terry-like and therefore particularly suitable for picking up nuts and warming up the body. Nobler fabrics such as silk are more likely to be worn in the form of morning coats, as they only serve as a cover and generally do not come into contact with moisture.

Further applications

Bathrobes do not come exclusively in the domestic bath

or bathing. You are an indispensable companion

Easy handling and care make the bathrobe a garment for everyone.

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