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jelly sandals

If there was a pair of shoes in the 90’s, that had each child in his closet, then there were brightly colored rubber shoes for a beach vacation. This remnant of old times now actually celebrates a revival.

I confess: even in count me among the owners of the embarrassing 90 years treads. When I was with my family on vacation at the Lake as elementary age and saw what moved people for spooky fish out of the water, I wanted partout no longer jump without rubber shoes in the cool water. Surprise: What I long disgust at that time only a summer wore, is again top now in the fashion world apparently.

The fashion world loves jelly shoes

Fashion-blogger, fashionistas and designers are equally fascinated by the rubber shoes.Urban Outfitters, forever 21, or even Michael Kors, all have the jelly shoes again in the range.

If these jelly shoes are beautiful, every man for himself should decide. If some people can but do not remember: If you suffered at least a bubble per toe when wearing the jelly shoes as a child, so one could find at least a million pebbles in the shoe, which is pressed at each step in the meat. Is it really worth it?

What do you say to the new-old fashion trend? You celebrate the revival of jelly shoes? Tell us in the comments below this article.

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