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Bed shoes for women

Both bed shoes and slippers belong to the ranks of footwear with a lot Feel-good factor. You wear slippers when you are at home, it is cozy, but not yet evening. Shoes for the bed, on the other hand, will help you to sleep. Therefore, comfort of the bed shoes comes first. For this reason, shoes for the bed have no stiff soles, but cling softly to the foot on. Likewise, the bedding is not damaged by the flexibility of the bed shoes. It is particularly important that the shoes for the bed are warm and cuddly, because they are there to spare you cold feet at night.

Different types

You will find different types for bed shoes. These can consist of different materials. For example, the interior of the shoes for the house is lined with down or sheep's wool. Or the bed shoes are made lambskin or virgin wool and are particularly soft and cuddly.

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