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In the fashion world, there are a variety of belts for men and women. Although most belts are made of leather, there is also a wide range of special fabric belts and plastic belts. The belt buckles are usually made of metal and can be provided with a logo or other motif.

Classification of the belt category

Belts are made from a variety of materials bands that are worn around the waist. They serve for fixing and arranging the clothes.

Belt in earlier times

Belts have always existed in some form. In the past, people usually wore a cord or a leather belt as a belt, which was often knotted. It was often the only stop for the clothes. In addition, belts were also used to attach various things. These included about the purse or weapons. In Roman times, the belt buckle came to it.

Today’s belt models

Today, belts are used either to strengthen clothing or as a fashion accessory. There are a few exceptions from the world of sports and work. The belt is pulled through the trouser loops, the belt tongue is inserted through the belt buckle and the perforation system determines the circumference of the belt. This is actually the case with almost all popular belt models.

There are also belts with clip closure. Also, clothes often have loops for a belt and if not, you take a slightly wider, self-holding. As different as the shapes and designs are the materials they are made of. Among the different types and materials belong

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