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Belt bags for women

Belt bags are hard to imagine in today’s fashion. In the past, they gave their wearer the certainty of being able to safely stow the purse; Today, the hip pockets also serve the fashionable aspect. The belly bags are usually attached to the belt and provide space for wallet, mobile phone and keys. Hip bags are available in different sizes and materials, so that you can quickly find the right item for everyone.

Classification of the category belt bags

Belt bags are not only extremely practical, but are also trendy when it comes to a hip, modern design.

Fashionable and functional

For a long time, the small, belt-attaching bags were considered sticky, but have long since lost this image because they come in many different, cutting-edge designs that make them a great eye-catcher on every belt.

In addition to this fashionable aspect, the practical advantage of additional storage space directly on the body has not changed. As before, a belt pouch provides enough space for the small, necessary things of everyday life, including wallets, cell phones or the like.

In this way, you have all the necessary things right at hand and the safety factor is not negligible, because in a time in which more and more pickpocketing are recorded, you can protect yourself with a belt bag ideal, because you have your money directly on the body can carry. Available are belt bags, which are also called hip bags, both leather and fabric and of course in every imaginable color tones.

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