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Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts, often called Bermudas for short, are short casual pants for children and adults. The often very colorful shorts usually go up to or just over the knee and are a typical holiday wear for example on the beach.

Classification of the Bermuda Shorts category

Bermuda shorts are worn as well as by men, as well as by women, with the ladies probably resorting to this form of legwear mainly for reasons of convenience.

Origin and local combinations

The shorts actually got their name from the island of Bermuda. They are not exiled to leisure time, but are also carried in the workplace – even by officials, police officers and other government employees. These combine the breezy trousers too

and complete the outfit


In Central European latitudes, on the other hand, a banker in cheerfully patterned Bermudas is completely unimaginable.


Generally, Bermuda shorts are worn as casual wear. The reason for that is surely also the comfortable cut. The shorts are cut wide, the legs just short of the knees. At the waist, the pants are held by a waistband, often with drawstring. On the side are narrow pockets.

Fabrics and design

As a summer article, they usually consist of

This is often printed with the well-colorful floral patterns known from Hawaiian shirts, but there are also monochrome models. Typically, they are combined into T-shirts and light summer shirts, at high temperatures by some men but also like “topless” worn.

Socks to Bermudas are frowned upon, the male foot should remain textile-free here.

Some time ago, the Bermuda shorts were also a popular swimming and bathing textiles, but now they are no longer welcome in swimming pools or swimming pools for hygienic reasons. In Belgium they are even banned for this purpose.

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