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The blouse, also known as a women’s blouse or shirt blouse, is the feminine shape of the classic dress shirt. The usually white blouse is often decorated with embroidery or ruffles and is worn by ladies mainly on fancy dress.

Classification of the category blouses

A blouse is a garment that is usually only worn by women. It resembles a shirt and is mostly made of cotton or silk.

From elegant to leisure-friendly

It was once attributed to the elegant clothing and worn, if you wanted to show in public. Today, the blouse is also happy to be worn at leisure, because it is light and airy. Often they are decorated with gemstones, embroidery or decorations. Thus, there are a large variety of different blouses, such as

  • the classic white blouse
  • long cut blouses
  • Blouses with three quarter sleeves as well
  • summery blouses.


As a collar are mostly

  • Lapel collar or
  • stand-up collar

taken, but also

  • spade collar
  • Dachshund collar and
  • high collar

are to be found. Blouses are also often worn with shoulder pads because they create an optically straight shoulder line and thus visually enhances the wearer. The classic is probably the lace blouse where high-quality lace is sewn around the collar or button placket.

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