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What are booties?

Definition: booties is synonymous with Boots and for Ankle boots, Once again, the fashion industry has created confusion in the world of shoe styles. Unlike boots booties have a lower shaft height. The shaft of this type of shoe reaches only a few inches above the ankle. Both in winter and in the rest of the seasons booties – except for their toe-free version – enjoy great popularity, which is probably due to their feminine elegance and practical handling.

The guide to booties

Why can you combine booties?

Not least because of their good combinability, these shoes are the constant hitters in the shoe shelves: The jeans give them elegance, the dress they look sexy. Each garment booties can give a feminine touch. They are typical representatives of the category of women’s shoes.

tip: Wear booties with transparent heels! This is the eye-catcher at every party!

Are there different types of booties?

This type of shoe is available in a wide variety of models, colors and materials. A common variant of this shoe model has an open toe. Usually they have a higher heel, but there are also flat models.

Can you put booties in the office?

The simpler models in dark colors look serious and are therefore among the preferred shoes for the office. Crucial to whether booties arrive safely in the office are two things: the heel should not be too high and the toe should be closed. Ultimately, you should focus on how your colleagues dress and then weigh where the fashionable boundaries are in your office.

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