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Women’s Boots

What are boots?

Definition: boots is the English term for the unisex shoe category Boots, Unlike boots, boots have a lower boot height. Women’s models usually have a heel, but there are also androgynous women’s boots with flat heels.

To the individual boot types

History of women’s boats

Until 1780 boots were reserved as women’s shoes only the special use in the sport of riding, later they were allowed to be dressed for walking. Boots with stiletto heels have been made since the 1950s.

The symbolic power of boots

Boots have long been a symbol of strength and freedom, as shown by fairy tales such as the Puss in Boots or the fairy tale of Däumling. Women who wear high boots seem independent and superior. The larger heel and heel height of the boots, the more provocative the outfit looks.

The Boot Counselor

Why can you combine boots?

The perfect combination of boots is the one with Miniskirts. Boots also go very well with elegant outfits: Finely cut boots can, if they are not too tall, have an excellent fit costume be combined.

If boots are to be combined with other garments, it depends on the particular type of shoes, which combination harmonizes. A rule of thumb: Align the length of the boots with the length of the clothing. To knee length skirts Accordingly, fit boots that reach to the knee. This is how you automatically feel well dressed. Boots look great even on tight pants like leggings or stretch jeans. This alternative is particularly suitable for small women, whose silhouette is optically stretched. (More shoe tips for small women can be found here.) At riding boots it is exceptionally allowed to put the pants in the boots.

Are boots suitable as shoes for the office?

If you want to put your boots in the office, you should ask yourself the following questions: Do I feel comfortable in these shoes for a whole day? Do the boots look obscene in any way or are they still suitable for business? The latter depends crucially on the leg height from the boat. The shape and height of the heels also plays a major role. In many offices, plateau heels are not welcome because they look too conspicuous and too crude. Above all, you should ask yourself where the tolerance limit lies in your office and how your colleagues dress.

Are boots healthy?

If boots have too tight and too firm a shaft, this can have a negative effect on the blood circulation of the calf, on the other hand, it comes with such a constellation quickly foot sweat. Ladies boots often have a high heel. If high heels are regularly worn, this can have a negative effect on the health of the spine in the long term.

Which boots are available for thick calves?

With thick calves one should on boats with so-called Wide leg To fall back on.

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