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Brooches are a relatively old type of jewelery, but are still often worn. The classic brooch usually consists of the piece of jewelry and a safety pin attached to it, with which the brooch is attached to the garment.

Classification of the category brooches

The brooch is one of the most classic feminine jewelry ever and was worn in ancient times. In its present form, the brooch could then establish itself as a jewel in the 17th century.

Attachment and popular models

It is typically attached to clothing at chest height, with the closure similar to a safety pin. This allows the needle to be easily pushed through the fabric and then closed. The motif of the brooch can have a variety of shapes and consist of various materials.


Above all, brooches are popular

but also

  • Rhinestone and
  • Pearls as well
  • wood elements

are very popular.


These materials then become, for example

graphic forms like

  • Circles, squares and
  • Stars or
  • Tiermotive

made, but the imagination knows no bounds.

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