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Canvas Shoes

What are canvas shoes?

Definition: Canvas shoes (Engl. Canvas = sailcloth or linen) were under the name Canvas shoes known and are the casual shoes assigned. Canvas shoes own next characteristics:

  • Their material is mostly made of linen or cotton.
  • Most of them have shoelaces.
  • Since the term Canvas On the material (linen) refers, there are canvas shoes or canvas shoes in a variety of models, for example as a canvas sneaker, canvas boat shoe or canvas Mary-Jane.

The history of the canvas shoes

Canvas shoes used to be worn mostly by sailors who needed durable yet lightweight shoes. The word Canvas Shoes is synonymous with canvas shoes,

The Guide to Canvas Shoes

What can you combine canvas shoes with?

Canvas shoes are perfect for a casual look Jeans and pullover and are therefore perfectly suited as casual shoes. Since canvas shoes are a unisex shoe for both women and men, they should be selected for a feminine effect in either a typical women’s color (for example red, pink or white) or with corresponding feminine clothes be combined.

Can you wash canvas shoes?

Canvas shoes can be safely washed in the washing machine, as long as you do not do it too often. If you want to wash your canvas shoes, you can follow this guide.

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