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Women jewelry

Magic Fish Women bracelet 150mm 180mm Round Copper inlaid white

There are jewels in every execution and every imaginable occasion. For women jewelry is very popular, especially gold jewelry or gemstones, which not everyone can afford. But wood, metal, stainless steel or glass can also be used to design a piece of jewelery. Classification of the category jewelry Jewelry and ...

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Nakamol 3-Row Beaded Adjustable Bracelet

Bracelets are a popular bracelet for women and men alike. The different types of bracelets range from gem-set metal bracelets, to simple silver bracelets with pearls, to casual and trendy leather straps. Classification of the category bracelets Bracelets are pieces of jewelry that are worn on the lower part of ...

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Designer jewelery


Designer jewelry can be found in the slightly more expensive price range of jewelry. Often the designers exhibit their collections in noble studios and galleries. The jewelry is handmade, so each piece is unique, which of course has a special charm for the wearer / the wearer. Classification of the ...

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Gold rings

PET 977 14K Yellow Gold Ring

Gold rings are usually made of a gold alloy golden rings for ladies and for men. The rings are chosen primarily for wedding as wedding rings and usually consist of the gold alloys yellow gold, white gold or rose gold. Classification of the category gold rings Gold rings are made ...

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Bridal jewelry

bridal necklace art deco wedding necklace bridal jewelry vintage rhinestone  & pearl necklace wedding jewelry pearl drop bride necklace

The wedding is a very special day, with the bride in the center. This is of course supported by the right jewelry. There are bridal jewelry in various designs, so there is something for every taste. From hair accessories to earrings to necklaces – there are countless ways for the ...

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Diamond Jewelery

Diamond Jewelry

Above all, noble rings, but also expensive and high-quality earrings, earrings and necklaces are filled with one or more diamonds. The diamond jewelry is one of the most expensive and finest pieces of jewelry and is timelessly beautiful and aesthetic. Classification of the diamond jewelery category “Diamonds are a girls ...

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Diamond rings

Round Twist Engagement Ring. Loading zoom

Diamond rings are usually high quality processed rings with one or more diamonds whose size varies. Diamond rings made of gold or silver are especially used as wedding rings and as a symbol of love. Classification of the category diamond rings Diamond rings are rings that are studded with one ...

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Hair Accessories


Hair accessories for decorating the hairstyle is very versatile. The classic hair accessories include hair clips, hairpins and hair ties. For more unusual hairstylings, so-called curlies or flower arrangements, e.g. used for the wedding. Classification of the hairdressing category Hair jewelry is worn in the form of many different accessories ...

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Antique Jewelery

Antique Victorian Era Jelly Opal Locket Pendant

As antique jewelery or antique jewelery Jewelery is called, which originates either from an older epoch or after their procedure and Design was manufactured. Some goldsmiths and jewelers specialize in old antique jewelery. Classification of the category antique jewelery Antique jewelry is jewelry that is usually several centuries old and ...

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Gold Jewelery

Pure gold alone is not suitable for jewelry production. It is fused with alloy metals to make precious jewelry for women and men. The range of gold jewelry is huge, so there are, for example, rings, chains, bangles or piercing jewelry. Classification of the category gold jewelry Gold jewelery is ...

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