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Long sleeve shirts

Long Sleeve Heavyweight Crew Neck T-Shirt

Long sleeve shirts are for the fine gentleman. The fabric is somewhat thicker in long-sleeved shirts than in short-sleeved men’s shirts. The long sleeve shirts are available in every conceivable variation, color and pattern. Classification of the category long sleeve shirts It belongs to the basics of men’s clothing – ...

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Muscle Shirts


Originally from bodybuilding coming, the cut of the shirt is also popular with anyone with beautiful upper arms. Trikotartig, but close-fitting it is the perfect basic to sporty inspired summer clothes. Classification of the category muscle shirts Muscle shirts are men’s shirts that originate from the bodybuilder fashion and are ...

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Denim shirts

New Autumn 2018 Spring High Quality Long Sleeve Denim Shirts Men

Denim shirts are available for both men and women. Whether in dark denim or washed-out vintage style, with press studs or regular buttons, simple or rather a little more flashy and frayed. A casual and comfortable denim shirt should not be missing in any wardrobe. Classification of the category jeans ...

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Half-sleeve shirts

Shirts or men’s shirts with short sleeves reaching to the elbow are called half-sleeve shirts. They are ideal for summer temperatures and are commercially available in all possible colors and patterns. Classification of the category Half-sleeve shirts It is an integral part of the men’s wardrobe and is worn by ...

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Wrap shirts

Tops & Shirts for Women: Designer & Chic Tops | BCBG.com | BCBG.com

Fashionable wrap shirts are an absolute eye-catcher and also very practical. The shirts wrapped around the upper body can be wonderfully adapted to the respective figure and thanks to the winding technique a beautiful neckline can be created. Classification of the category T-shirts Wrap shirts are a special variant of ...

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Long shirts

2019 Long Shirts For Women Knee Women Tops And Blouses 2017 Autumn Winter  Long Sleeve Lapel Casual Plaid Tee Shirt Women Clothing From Liuchao0702,

A long shirt is – as the name suggests – a very long bodice, which is often cut closer to the body. Mostly it has no sleeves and relatively wide straps, but of course it exists in all possible variations; long-sleeved, half-sleeved, 3/4-sleeved etc. It can be combined very well ...

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Corduroy shirts

2019 Wholesale 2016 New Brand Men Corduroy Shirt Long Sleeve Knitted Mens  Winter Shirts Plus Size Slim Fit Shirt Camisa Masculina CS149 From Masue,

Ladies’ and men’s corduroy shirts are not only fashionable but also incredibly comfortable to wear. The short-sleeved or long-sleeved corduroy shirts, most of which have chest pockets, are made of soft fine cord or wide cord. Classification of the category corduroy shirts Corduroy shirts are right at the top of ...

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Long Sleeve Shirt

Long Sleeve Heavyweight Crew Neck T-Shirt

Long sleeve shirts, often referred to as longsleeves, are currently very popular with young men and women. They are not only ideal as a thin  suitable, but also for wearing under short-sleeved shirt or polo shirt. Classification of the category Long sleeve shirts Well-worn and much loved – long sleeve ...

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Short sleeve shirts

Short-sleeved shirts are especially short-sleeved shirts, which are just over the shoulder and usually thin shirts. The sometimes very colorful short-sleeved shirts (Hawaiian shirts) are worn by the men’s world especially in summer or vacation. Classification of the category short sleeve shirts They are probably among the most commonly worn ...

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Linen shirts

slim short-sleeve linen shirt : factorymen short sleeve

Linen shirts are comfortable and very light and casual shirts for men and women. The natural fiber obtained from flax gives the short-sleeved or long-sleeved linen shirts their special look and summery elegance. Classification of the category linen shirts Linen shirts are made of a very special material. As an ...

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