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Chinos are originally American Army-derived cotton trousers, also known as khaki. The khaki pants, which are usually available in light beige tones, are particularly light and therefore ideal for the summer.

Classification of the category Chinos

The term “chino” refers to a special type of trousers made of cotton twill. The fabric is very light and permeable to air, yet robust and dimensionally stable.

Features and cut

Chinotwill can be recognized by the sloping, herringbone tissue pattern. This results in a dense, even and at the same time loose surface structure. The cut is similar to that of the cargo pants, but missing the countless patch pockets; only at the front hip are usually narrow pockets.


Chino trousers were used as a military garment for the first time – the British and French soldiers wore them in the mid-19th century in the Spanish-American War. The Filipinos called the material made in China “Chino” after the place of origin, and this name quickly translated to the garment made therefrom.

From the frugal wartime comes also a typical feature of the Chinos – it was and is no material for envelopes “wasted”. The first army trousers were khaki and were therefore dubbed “khakis”. After the war, they then established themselves in civilian clothing, not least because of the pleasantly light feel. Therefore, chinos are also classified as summer clothing, for the cold season they are just too thin and airy.

Colors and combination options

Besides almost

  • traditional khaki coloring

Chinos are mostly in bright, friendly tones like

  • beige
  • Wool white or
  • Light gray,

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