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Chucks for ladies

Known as Chuck Taylor All Stars, Chucks are considered to be the most successful footwear model in history and have been sold well over 655 million times by their manufacturing company Converse. The cult shoe is a former ankle-high basketball shoe made of textiles with a sole non-slip rubber, on whose insides the logo of the company is attached. Chucks, which are also available under the name Cons or Connies, are now available in various designs and colors and are now also available with heels or leather elements.

The development of Chucks – From a simple basketball shoe to a cult model

In 1908, the Converse Rubber Shoe Company was founded by Marquis Converse in the United States of America and initially produced footwear for the winter, and later also sports shoes for various sports such as Basketball, tennis, football or jogging were suitable. Basketball was a relatively new sport as a sport and suitable equipment as well as appropriate and functional clothing were first developed. With the brand All Star In 1917 the first basketball shoes of the house were launched in black.

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