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Climbing shoes

Climbing shoes are special and very tight fitting shoes used for sport climbing. Their non-profiled soles allow climbers better grip on the kicks. The shoes vary in fit, cut and types of closure.

Classification of the category climbing shoes

The climbing shoe is a sporty, robust shoe suitable for climbing and mountaineering. The climbing shoes are very close to the foot and have a patented sole for optimum slip resistance. Professional climbers and mountaineers usually have several shoes with them, because the different climbing shoes differ in closure system, structure and fit.

Construction and materials

Climbing shoes have the following very important structure: The sole of the climbing shoes is usually without a profile and without a heel. The border of the shoes is given with a border rubber. This is on some models beyond the sole out to prevent an expansion of the shoe.

Climbing shoes are made of a leather or synthetic leather upper. Models for autumn and winter are lined and some models have pull-on loops for easier slipping.

Meaning of the toe

The toe is different depending on the climbing wall.

  • Lace shoes are recommended for climbing in limestone areas.
  • Rectangular edges are just right when climbing

Closure types and tips for care

Most climbing shoes are closed with laces or Velcro. Since most climbing shoes are worn without stockings, you should follow some important tips for care and odor control.

Fusprays and newsprint also help with climbing shoes true miracles and a washing in the washing machine is conceivable. When buying for the first time you should take a lot of time and test the fit exactly.

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