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The coat is the typical winter clothing of many men and women. The jacket, which reaches far beyond the knees, is also the classic dress of many business people and is often worn as a lightweight version even in milder temperatures.

Classification of the category Meltel

A coat is a jacket-like piece of clothing that completely closes the upper body and extends at least to the knee. First and foremost, it serves to protect against wet, cold and windy weather, in addition, many coats but also a very noble charisma. The name derives from the Old High German “mantal” and the Latin “mantulum”, which is best translated as a “covering blanket”.

Coat earlier and today

Coats or at least coat-like hells have been worn since earliest times – the oldest coat in history is probably the finely woven grass coat of the famous tzi. Both the Romans and the Greeks clung to Mntel, then called “Sagum” and “Himation”.

Most women’s and men’s coats

  • consist of a wooly outer fabric with smooth lining
  • are slotted behind
  • are tethered in front of one or two rows and
  • have patched or recessed pockets and a deployable (lapel) collar.

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