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College pumps for women

College pumps are one Subcategory of shoe basic pumps and go perfectly with the trendy preppy look. These pumps are not only suitable for American students and college, but also in Germany in the office or brunch cut a fine figure and are, combined properly, a real eye-catcher. The Pumps in college or penny loafer style are a recurring trend and are also suitable for the ladies because of their block heels, which are usually difficult to do with narrow heels and therefore have to do without high heels.

Pumps – From the men's shoe for servants to the classic of women's fashion

The term pumps is used in Germany to refer to shoes that are known as wide-cut loafers without closure, ie without zippers, straps, straps or straps. The sole is flat, while the heel height and heel type can vary depending on the fashion. A typical heel for the pumps is a heel height of at least three and no more than 9.5 centimeters, with most models having a moderate heel. Traditionally, pumps were worn in the 17th century by male servants on knickerbockers and later in the early 19th century by dandies. Have you been then long as a dance shoe for both sexes in Vogue, Pumps today belong to the women's shoes and are offered in a variety of variants. Since the 1980s, the shoe shape has been made especially as part of stylish business clothing and therefore has a moderate and wider heel.

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