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Corduroy jeans

Corduroy jeans are made of fine cord or wide cord Cordhosen for men and ladies, which are cut similar to a pair of jeans. The soft and warm Cordjeans are very comfortable to wear and are especially suitable for colder days.

Classification of the category corduroy jeans

Corduroy is one of the most comfortable yet durable fabrics used in the textile industry. It is very often processed into trousers, because its advantages are particularly strong here: The fabric is soft and therefore guarantees high wearing comfort. In addition, Cord is considered a stable and tear-resistant material. The fabric is also known by the names Schnürlsamt or Manchester.

Features and popular colors

Optically characteristic of the Cordstoff are its elongated ribs of velvet-like material. Corduroy pants can be worn by women and men alike and are not tied to a specific age group. Corduroy jeans typically have

But also like to be in other discreet colors like

  • brown
  • beige
  • black or
  • White

carried. Special feature of the youth fashion are corduroy jeans in bright colors such as in

Corduroy jeans are not only extremely comfortable to wear, but also favor the stretching and narrowing of the legs due to the unique appearance of the elongated stripes. Corduroy jeans are timeless garments that allow diversity and individuality and therefore are often and often worn by young and old.


So that the pants stay nice longer, you should pay attention to some care instructions. So it is,

  • to wash the cord jeans and on the left in the gentle cycle (not over 40 degrees)
  • never put in the dryer and
  • ironed only on links.

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