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Cord pants are soft pants made of corduroy, a velvet-like and rippled fabric. The extremely comfortable and warm corduroy trousers are hardly out of fashion and are popular with babies, children and adults as well as ladies and gentlemen alike.

Classification of the category corduroys

Corduroy pants are something for traditional fans and seniors? Far away – corduroy trousers enrich every wardrobe and fresh and many a dull look. Often the Cordbeinlinge present in the 5-pocket jeans style, but tend to cut a little further.

cord types

One differentiates

  • Babycord
  • Fine cord and
  • Breitcord.

Cuts and combinations for men

As material for men’s trousers come cords of various strengths in question, the choice falls mainly on the classic Breitcord. The fabric ribs appear very vivid and strongly structured. In combination with a casual leg width creates a sporty look, which at the same time reminiscent of the dress style of English landlords and thus conveys a certain understatement.

Cuts and combinations for ladies

For the ladies, the cut may also turn out to be a little closer to the figure. Fine velvet and baby cord nestles gently shimmering feminine curves and puts them discreetly in the right light.

make the country house look perfect, as well as

  • short, tailored jackets made of coarse fabrics.

The slim pants look especially nice when they are closed

be worn; wide cuts complement each other well

Even children like to wear corduroy, especially in the form of dungarees. The soft material is cuddly on the skin, makes every movement, warms and looks just great on the little people. Important for the longevity of Cordhosen is the right care. They should always be turned to the left before washing and never ironed.

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