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Dance shoes

Dance shoes are fashionable and elegant shoes that are used by the dancer and the dancer to dance. As a rule, there are almost all models of manufacturers in different sizes and colors for ladies, men and children.

A dance shoe is especially used for dancing as clothing of the foot. In the usual case dance shoes are used for the Latin American and also the standard dances. But also for other types of dance, this footwear is indispensable, as for example in ballet or even quilting.

Aspects that play a role in the selection

The biggest differences to usual shoes are certainly in the

  • Soling the dance shoes and the
  • Height of heels.

Play alongside

  • the weight, rather the lightness, and also
  • the deformability of the dance shoe

For example, women’s dance shoes are often judged by their superficial appearance. The high heel should guarantee a better hip swing in the Latin American dances and also emphasize it more.


However, care should be taken to ensure that the sole exactly meets the requirements, because the grip is the top priority. Therefore, it is often resorted to in the production of very rough leather, but also a slide should be guaranteed. The upper of a dance shoe is also usually made of high-quality leather and particularly likes the interior material on satin, velvet or glossy artificial leather used.

Since the dancing of the foot and the toe when tensing a high possibility of movement must be given dance shoes offer a very special adaptability, which street shoes do not have.

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