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Dance shoes for women

Special dancing shoes have been developed for professional dancing. Dance shoes ladies and gentlemen are used in the narrower sense for Latin American dances and standard dances. They offer a high level of comfort but also a very good grip for the feet.

The most popular dance shoes

Shoes for dancing have a leather sole that is slippery, are lightweight, very pliable and have tailored heels for the particular dance and occasionally a very eye catching look. Very popular are dance shoes Latin for Latin American dances, For the Latin American dances you need Latin dance shoes to ensure the best mobility and the right look. With the dance shoes you can perform five famous Latin American dances:

For these Latin American dances you can also use Samba dance shoes especially for Samba. Latin dance shoes for women are usually sandals. Here is the front part Strappy or has at least one toe opening in the front cap. In addition, dance shoes Samba have a heel-holding and holding heel cap. Dance shoes for men have quite high heels, about 3.5 to 4.5 inches. The upper of the models for men is often nubuck, occasionally the dance shoes Samba also from a combination of Rough and smooth leather held. For standard dances, however, there is a wider selection of shoes. Dance sneakers, however, are needed for dances like Zumba or Hip Hop.

Zumba combined international and latin dances with aerobic and hip hop and is currently also a very popular sport in Germany. Dance sneakers feature a split sole for the best possible stretch of your feet, and you'll also find models for wide feet. Furthermore very popular are dance shoes for Tango, jazz and flamenco, Dance shoes silver, gold, black and red are also very much in demand. And with a little sparkle, the dance shoes women and men will be perfect.

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