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Designer jewelery

Designer jewelry can be found in the slightly more expensive price range of jewelry. Often the designers exhibit their collections in noble studios and galleries. The jewelry is handmade, so each piece is unique, which of course has a special charm for the wearer / the wearer.

Classification of the category designer jewelery

Designer jewelery refers to all kinds of jewelery that comes from the collections of well-known designers. It can, as with ordinary jewelry, both for jewelry as well

as well as around


Features of designer jewelry

Characteristic of this special type of jewelry are first of all

  • the absolutely high quality and
  • the excellent workmanship of exclusive materials.

Accordingly, the price is designed, because designer jewelry is usually extremely expensive and certainly far out of reach for normal consumers. Up to tens of thousands of euros can be due for jewelry from popular designer craft before.

For this reason, designer jewelry is considered exclusive, very noble and particularly luxurious. It is the perfect complement to also very expensive designer fashion and is therefore usually worn by well-heeled and many stars, which in turn brings publicity-effective advertising for the manufacturer.

These can be either designer fashion labels that sell clothing as well as their own jewelry lines, as well as top brands that have specialized in designer jewelry, including Cartier.

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