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Diamond Necklace

For the neck and the cleavage, there is a huge selection of different jewelry, ranging from simple necklaces on pearl necklaces to Diamond necklaces. Leather belts and surfer chains are very popular among young people.

Necklaces are worn by both women and men and is one of the most popular jewelry ever.


Above all, necklaces are to be mentioned here, in all imaginable shapes, colors and lengths. In addition to short chains that end a few centimeters below the neck on the décolleté and thus emphasize this optimally, there are also chains that are much longer and reach below the breast.

Among the most popular necklaces are classic thin necklaces and silver and gold in various lengths. At this one can attach followers in various designs and thus always give the chain a new look. These chains are usually closed with a closure in the neck. Likewise, pearl necklaces, mostly in white, have always been popular with many women because they are timelessly elegant and stylish.


Not only necklaces, but also necklaces adorn the neck of women. These are usually triangular in shape and very opulent, as they are studded with many gemstones. Of course, these are also available in the cheaper version as a fashion jewelery with rhinestones or similar.

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