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Diamond rings

Diamond rings are usually high quality processed rings with one or more diamonds whose size varies. Diamond rings made of gold or silver are especially used as wedding rings and as a symbol of love.

Classification of the category diamond rings

Diamond rings are rings that are studded with one or more diamonds. The stone is held with a socket on the ring.

Different versions

The size and weight of diamonds may vary; they are classified and sold by weight. Diamond rings are available in various designs and in different price ranges. This is also related to the material used for the ring. We are happy to take gold, silver or platinum. The unit of measurement for diamonds is carat.

Natural and artificial stones

One differentiates between natural and artificial stones, whereby an artificially manufactured stone is naturally much less expensive, than a natural stone. When the diamond is properly ground, the light in it breaks several times and it comes to the familiar sparkling effect – a very special shine is created.

Diamonds do not always have to be white. They can also radiate in different colors, then they are called “Fancy Diamonds”. A diamond can also become a diamond in order to increase even more in value. For this, the stone must be ground in brilliant cut.

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