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What are D’Orsay pumps?

Definition: D’Orsay pumps are not in the pump category because the latter are closed on the sides. For proper D’Orsay pumps, the following features must be present:

  • You have an ankle strap.
  • The toe is usually open.
  • The middle part is cut out far.

It is sometimes said that this type of shoe should always have an open toe. In practice, however, mainly shoe types with closed toe as D’Orsay Pumps designated.

The history of D’Orsay pumps

This shoe model was named after the Dandy Earl D’Orsay from the early 19th century. In the 1920s, the D’Orsay pumps got a strap over the instep, making them better attached to the foot. In this way, they were suitable as an elegant evening shoe for women.

What is the difference between D’Orsay pumps and flamenco pumps?

Unlike flamenco pumps, D’Orsay pumps have a higher and more pronounced upper.

The guide to D’Orsay-Pumps

Why can you combine D’Orsay pumps?

This shoe type is able to spice up every simple outfit and glamorize androgynous clothes. The ideal combination is the one with jeans – that’s luxury paired with understatement.

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