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The bib trousers are a very diverse type of trousers, which was initially developed as pure workwear and is now also in the fashion world at home. The classic and most famous model is the denim dungarees with their removable straps.

Classification of the category dungarees

Dungarees have their name therefore, that at the front of the waist a piece of fabric is attached, which covers the upper body to the chest. This is held by straps that are attached to the back waist and run parallel or crossed over the back and shoulders forward and fastened by a button or buckle at the top corners of the bib. Usually, these carriers are adjustable in length, often is located on the bib centrally a pocket.

Origin and applications

The dungarees have their origins in America, where – made of denim – was primarily workwear for farmers and farm workers. That is why the often attached side pockets and loops also stir.

Wearing dungarees has some advantages:

  • the body is well protected against dirt and cold
  • there is no waistband pinching in the pelvic area
  • they are very comfortable and
  • neither shirt nor T-shirt can slip out.

Only the dressing and arranging the carrier requires the carrier a little skill. According to their origin, dungarees are still often found today

In addition, countless parents have the advantages of dungarees with regard to

learned to cherish. Also in winter sports – especially

– or

the dungarees, especially in the thermal variant – enjoys great popularity, as it reliably protects the lower body and the kidneys from cold drafts.The casual, but still body-hugging cut the dungarees has finally

to be advanced. The adjustable straps and a regulation of the abdominal width make them the ideal companion in pregnancy.

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