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Evening dresses

Evening dresses are chic and usually fancy or extravagant dresses for women, which are usually worn in the evening, for example, at a ceremony or in the theater. Whether short or long, every evening dress has its own charm.

Classification of the category evening dresses

An evening dress exudes glamor and luxury – so it probably takes a special place in the female wardrobe. Often it is bought only for a special occasion, not all worn very often, and yet “she” takes for an evening dress like a bit deeper into the bag.

What makes the distinctive charm of evening dresses but exactly? They are absolutely not suitable for everyday use, and with good reason.

Special occasions for an evening dress

Evening dresses should just fit into the festive, elegant ambience of typical evening events. They also fit into the frame

  • a festive gala
  • a jubilee
  • a concert or
  • final ball

and give the wearer a moony, moody feeling, just a little star appeal. In the evening gown every appearance becomes an appearance.

Evening dresses are usually presented in a long shape, sometimes narrow or with a wide skirt.

Possible forms

The necklines vary from high-necked with low back neckline to off-the-shoulder, either with straps, long or short sleeves. With rather simple shapes, a leg slit can provide exciting insights, on the other hand, even wide waist bands or transparent inserts quickly become an eye-catcher.

Always choose according to the type

The evening gown was supposed to suit the type and age of the wearer and to put her physical features in the right light. High school graduates at the school graduation ball will automatically choose other models than seniors at the opera ball.

Nevertheless, it is always necessary to check whether some cuts do not seem too stale or too frivolous. As a classic evening colors sensual-dark tones are still preferred, which look particularly beautiful in shimmering velvet or taffeta.

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