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Flamenco shoes for women

Flamenco shoes are part of the outfit that dancers of flamenco wear. The collective term flamenco is understood certain songs and dances from Andalusia, which since 2011 belong to the cultural heritage of humanity. The very earthbound dance, in which the contact with the ground and a lively and rhythmic foot technique are central components, is danced with special dance shoes. These are usually made with wooden heels that have been studded with nails to enhance the rhythmic effect of the steps.

Flamenco shoes – construction and material

The flamenco shoes are dance shoes, which the special requirements of the very spirited dance style be fair and therefore have to have special properties. The flamenco shoes are worn as part of the dance costume of men and women and differ in their design and heel height. Flamenco shoes are also available for children. The outsole must be thick and firm and is usually reinforced with various materials that are suitable for the high dead weight of the shoe ensure their special sound and are very durable. Depending on the model and supplier, the outsole is sewn with thick yarn, with the seam either visible on the underside of the shoe or covered by a protective sole that additionally protects the shoes from possible tears. Also in the toe and heel area The flamenco shoes are reinforced, giving them a slightly clumsy appearance and, unlike a normal casual shoe, have a relatively high net weight and are comparatively hard and stiff.

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