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Gemstone jewelry

Gems or gemstones have been used as jewelry since the beginning of human history. From antiquity, elaborate carvings and jewelry have been preserved. Even today, this fascination has not diminished and some of these minerals are also said to have a healing effect.

Gems are used above all for the decoration of various pieces of jewelry. If

many silver or gold pieces of jewelery are filled with single or several gemstones, but also hair ornaments such as tiaras can be provided with these precious stones. The most common rings are occupied with them, either in the form of a single large gemstone or with several, which are then usually embedded in the ring

value determination

Just because they are so rare, their value is enormously high, which is why jewelry with real gemstones is also very expensive and is considered a luxury item. Crucial for the value of a gem is the

  • purity
  • Light transmission
  • Rarity and
  • Colour.

In addition, of course, the size of the stone is important, which is given in carats.

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