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Gladiator sandals for women

Sandals are among the Classics of summer clothing and are in theirs various designs definitely with the most versatile representatives of summer shoes. In addition to strappy sandals, toe-sandals and models with plateau or wedge heel, especially the Gladiator sandals are a trendy trend and a real eye-catcher with their extraordinary shape. The Gladiator Sandal, which is also known as the Roman Sandal, is basically a flat sole, which is fastened by means of various bands and straps that wrap around the foot, ankle or even larger parts of the leg.

A trend from ancient Rome on the catwalks of modern times

The Gladiator sandal is considered one of the oldest versions of footwear and was worn in ancient Rome not only by the eponymous arena fighters, the gladiators, but by the entire population. Both men and women and children wore these refined sandal variantthen known as Calceus, consisting of a simple sole and leather straps wrapped around the foot and lower leg. Already then, a distinction was made between women's and men's models:

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