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Gymnastic shoes for ladies

Gymnastic shoes are very soft and lightweight unisex shoes, both women and men can wear these, although ladies tend more to these shoes. Gymnastic shoes have a very thin, flexible sole. The sole itself can consist of a non-slip rubber sole exist or be made of a lubricious leather sole. The type of application is decisive for the variant you need. The insole of the gymnastics shoes is often soft and sweat absorbent. The upper usually consists of Leather, lycra or cotton, A leather upper is preferred, as this is very high quality. The stem usually has an elastic finish. On cross-shaped band or a Rist rubber on some models also provide a firm grip on the foot. Shoes for gymnastics are used and sometimes they are also used as slippers. Either gymnastic shoes are to give a non-slip bottom support, for example, in gymnastics, acrobatics or gymnastics – or else the shoes for gymnastics to allow rotation and sliding, for example when dancing.

Different versions of the gymnastic shoes

Gymnastic shoes are available in different versions which you should choose according to the application. The soles can non-slip be, but also lubricious. Decide here on the purpose of the shoes. The material of the gymnastic shoes can also be different. Made of leather, Lycra or cotton.

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