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Gymnastic shoes

Gymnastic shoes are lightweight cotton shoes that have a wide elastic waistband and a non-slip leather sole, rubber sole or split sole. They are used by dancers and gymnasts on the stage, during dance or gymnastics.

Classification of the category gymnastic shoes

A gymnastic shoe, which is also called gymnastic briefs, is a very light – especially for gymnastics produced – and extremely soft shoe model, which has a thin and thus very flexible soles.

Various features and models

In the selection is differentiated between various areas of use in which a gymnastics shoe is used, because on the one hand stands

  • a non-slip sole made of rubber

to vote, as well

  • an extremely slippery sole made of leather.

which is half of leather and rubber, because in addition to the gymnastics, the gymnastic shoe finds further use in acrobatics and also in gymnastics. For example, some models should better enable the body to turn or glide.

Materials of the shoe

The insole of the gymnastic shoes is as soft as the sole and also made of a sweat absorbing material. The upper material of the gymnastic shoe is made of a layer and made of Lycra, leather or cotton. Some dance shoe models also have an elastic stocking or a ripstop to guarantee a firmer fit.

Likewise, bands that are cross-stitched, are also used, so that the dance shoe can fit the foot perfectly. Dance shoes serve to have a non-slip or even sliding contact with the ground.

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