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Hair Accessories

Hair accessories for decorating the hairstyle is very versatile. The classic hair accessories include hair clips, hairpins and hair ties. For more unusual hairstylings, so-called curlies or flower arrangements, e.g. used for the wedding.

Classification of the hairdressing category

Hair jewelry is worn in the form of many different accessories in the hair to beautify the hairstyle.

Types of hair jewelry

These accessories include, for example

They all have the purpose of creating an eye-catcher in the woman’s hair.


Hair accessories in the form of hair bands are worn on the front part of the head and serve to pull back the hair. If you have a pony or hair falling in your face, you can drape it out of your face with the help of a hair band.

Hair bands are available in various designs, from narrow to wide, plain or colored as well as with ornaments or rather simply without any attached elements.

Hair clips and braces

Hair clips and hair clips are also used to attach individual hair or strands of hair at a certain point on the head. Especially with updos they are needed. Often they are decorated with pretty pearls, rhinestones or the like.

Hairbands and gums

Likewise, hair bands and gums are also part of hair accessories, which are available both in very simple designs and in the form of more opulent models. With them you can tie braids of all kinds.

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