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Some use the hat as a fashion accessory, the others wear hats just to protect them from the sun. Whether classic cylinder, melon, straw hat or elaborately designed summer hat, the hat fashion is in any case diverse and imaginative.

(Protective) function

In addition to its importance as a fashion accessory, hats originally had a protective function, which is still used today. The hat itself, but especially the brim, should protect the wearer from sun, wind, rain and cold. Hats generally fulfill a variety of functions. you

  • supplement the personality of the wearer
  • indicate affiliation to a particular group or
  • give the hat wearer a special elegance on festive occasions.

hat styles

Just as versatile as the occasions to wear hats, are also the different hat types. There are

and also are among the different models. The materials from which they are made are also very different. Often felt is used, as are leather, silk in women’s hats or, quite simply, straw or raffia, as in the Panama hat. Women’s hats in particular continue to develop and nowadays play a greater role than men’s hats at high occasions and social events.

History and distribution

The history of hats starts several thousand years ago. Priests in various religions often wore hat-like headgear to indicate their priesthood affiliation. An event associated with hats around the world is the Ascot horse race in England, where one can often observe the most famous hat-bearer of the day: Queen Elizabeth II of England.

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