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Headscarves are not only worn for purely fashionable, traditional or cultural reasons, they also protect the head area from cold, from cold wind (for example when driving convertible), but also from sunlight in summer or on vacation.

Classification of the category headscarves

The headscarf is one of the oldest headgear in the world. It fulfills two tasks, because it covers the head and warms it in the winter. In summer, on the other hand, headscarves offer some protection from the sun. While headscarves used to be considered as pure women’s clothing, today they are increasingly worn by men. These are very popular so-called bandanas used, which are relatively small headscarves, which cover the head only a little.

wearing styles

Whereas it was fashionable in the 1950s to wear a headscarf knotted under the chin, today there are numerous options for arranging this headgear. Thus, the headscarf has developed from a mere headgear to a fashionable accessory, for example, worn like a turban or a veil. It makes sense to choose the color of the headscarf so that it matches the rest of the clothing.

As a rule of thumb you can remember, the more noticeable the headscarf is held, the more subtle the clothes should be kept and vice versa.

The headscarf from a religious point of view

Another important aspect of the headscarf is to cover the hair. This is particularly important for women who, for religious reasons, have decided to cover all body parts that could irritate men.

For example, since Biblical times, hair has been considered to be particularly attractive, as it is decorative and at the same time a sign of power and strength. Many women do not just cover their hair with their headscarves, but also their shoulders and neck.

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