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High-front pumps for women

High-front pumps are one special modification of the basic shoe model Pumps and much younger than the first emerging in the 17th century pumps. Relative in terms of heel height and style to the classic pump, the high-front pumps are characterized by their unusually high heel for a pump, which is very different from the typical wide-cut heel shape of the traditional pump and gives the shoe a very unique and intriguing look gives. The pumps with high front fall into the category of women's shoes and are offered in the commercial sizes for women.

High-front pumps – a particularly independent representative of the pumps

Pumps as a typical women's shoe belong to the general fashion image since at least the 19th century and since the 1980s and the increased emergence of portable business clothing for women, this shoe has, due to its positive characteristics as a typical part of a classic office or formal look established.

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