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High Heels shoes

Definition of high heels

The term high heels becomes partially synonymous with pumps used. In fact, this shoe type belongs to the category of pumps. Exception: If the shoes on the toe or heel are open, they are no longer pumps because they are always closed.

How high must shoes be to speak of high heels?

This shoe type is defined by the fact that the heel of the shoes at least 10 cm high is. Since such paragraphs are not easy, special training is offered, where you can learn to walk with high heels. But running on high heels can also be easily learned in everyday life or while practicing at home.

What is the difference to stilettos?

High heels, stilettos and stiletto heels are basically different terms for the same type of shoe. With stilettos, however, almost always meant shoes with stiletto heels, while high heels can also have wider heels.

What is the difference between high heels and skyscrapers?

Skyscrapers are shoes with a heel of at least 14 centimeters. A shoe with a heel of 13 cm is still a high heel.

Do high heels always have a penny sale?

Typical high heels have a stiletto heel. As is the case with some other types of shoes, there are variations here. For example, models with plateau or wedge heels are available. The main reason that these are high heels is first and foremost the fact that the heel is at least 10 cm high.


Platform heels with block heel

Does the front of high heels have to be open?

No, they are also available with a closed front. High heels are a very good example of the fact that the boundaries of some shoe types are fluent.

The guide to high heels

Which garments can be combined with high heels?

High heels prove to be very grateful in their combination – at least in their classic shape with stiletto heel: high-heel shoes can be combined well with every imaginable garment. Androgynous clothes like casual skinny jeans or the chino pants, they breathe sexiness. Who high heels too Dresses and short skirts combined, turns into a sex goddess in no time!

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