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Housecoats are very comfortable coats for ladies, men and children. In the dressing gown it feels comfortable to lie on the sofa at home or sit in the kitchen. He is briskly dressed and made of more noble material than a bathrobe.

Classification of the housecoat category

The dressing gown used to be an integral part of day-to-day wardrobe, but has become somewhat out of fashion in the meantime. He is not to be confused with the bathrobe, which has almost completely replaced him as a misused dressing gown. Playboy boss Hugh Heffner is an avowed follower and presents itself in his Rumen almost exclusively in this garment.

Memories of old films

Lovers of old films certainly remember different Sherlock Holmes actors, who were always placed by the director with a dressing gown and whistle in his or her own wingback chair for the purpose of falling open.


It is undisputed – a dressing gown is comfortable and yet provides a “dressed” appearance. Like every ordinary robe, the robe surrounds the upper body and extends at least to the knee. At the waist he is held together by a fabric belt, often found on the front two pelvic heels two patch pockets, in which one can perfectly accommodate glasses, mail, morning paper or perhaps a tobacco pipe.

In contrast to the bathrobe, a dressing gown is never made of terry cloth, but comes in noble, often silky shimmering fabrics. Mostly it is fed and has a wrap on the sleeves and a lapel collar. Very exclusive models are even equipped with a pocket on the chest.

Popular colors and patterns

Usually, “he” and “she” wear housecoats in muted, rather dark colors like

  • Bordeaux
  • Tannengrn
  • Ultramarine or
  • Gray.

In addition to monochrome pieces, there are also those with woven

  • Paisley or
  • Argylemustern

or just in the classical

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