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crossover Sandals

It’s summer and you need a new pair of sandals like every year: the selection is enormous and the trends from the catwalk stylish than ever. Now, a hot contender for the best shoe of the season is the crossover sandal. Find why you should invest in this sexy footwear and which models are waiting for you here and in our image gallery.You will not regret it, because these classics are still next year in.

Is fixed, this summer you don’t come to the airy crossover sandals.Label of Jil Sander about Stella McCartney to Dolce & Gabbana showed the casual treads on the international catwalks of the world and agreed again that: you just need that. But how do you recognize the X Sandals actually? As the name suggests it, on their distinctive trademark: the two straps over the cross. There’s the different versions, once flat, thick platform sole, then as a setback or high hoe. If you are not yet convinced, for we have the following arguments. This season, you should wear a leather crossover sandals…

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