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Indoor shoes

For sports in the hall, the athletes use special indoor shoes with an abrasion-resistant, white and smooth sole. The right shoes should have very good cushioning and provide a firm and secure footing.

Classification of the category indoor shoes

Indoor shoes are those sports shoes that are worn for exercise only in the hall, but not outdoors.

Reasons for the use of indoor shoes

There are several reasons for the use of indoor shoes: the most obvious is of course the argument of the hall pollution. If sports shoes are worn outdoors, especially in bad weather and soaked ground, then they quickly get dirty and can only be cleaned again with great effort.

Dirt and small stones accumulate in the tread sole. If these shoes are then carried in the hall, not only can the dirt fail, but the stones can damage the expensive hall floor.

Another equally important reason for the use of indoor shoes is the different nature of the underground. Of course, where tartan, grass or sand is often practiced outdoors, this may not be the case in the hall.

The usually smoother hall floor has a lot of other properties regarding slip resistance and resistance. So the athlete also needs shoes with a different sole, usually a softer and less profiled one.

To dye

Indoor shoes are often kept in white or in light colors for better distinction. Especially the sole is – as with boat shoes – often white, to allow ugly black scuff marks on the hall floor not at all. The hall staff is spared so much unnecessary work that would ultimately only cost again.

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