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Insoles or orthopedic shoe inserts are either made individually or sold in specified sizes in the trade. By wearing insoles, for example, misalignments during running can be corrected or compensated.

Classification of the category insoles

Insoles are, as the name suggests, inserted into the shoes.

Types of insoles

Basically, this can be between

  • orthopedic and
  • flat insoles

be differentiated. While orthopedic insoles are customized as custom by the skilled person to support the respective foot to compensate for this or compensate for any wrong postures, flat deposits are industrially manufactured as mass-produced and serve primarily to achieve a comfortable wearing style of the shoes and to protect the inside , For example, one differentiates


Depending on the season, insoles can be made of different materials. So the inserts used in the summer are often off

manufactured during the winter mainly on

is used. In the summer, insoles are primarily intended to prevent unpleasant odors by treating them with special, antibacterial agents, so in the winter with the help of insoles the feet should be warmed and in this way unpleasant colds should be prevented.

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